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Coty Airspun Setting Powder

11 February 2021

We Highly recommend the Translucent Shade for Oily or Mixed skin types that need that extra Oomph OR if you prefer a matte vs dewy finish. You will gladly find Coty Airspun Tucked away in each Artists makeup tote. It is a must have and coming in at under $6 on Amazon You can't beat it!

Indie Dry Shampoo

11 February 2021

We LOVE Indie around here not all dry shampoos are created equal give your hair some love! Indie dry shampoo #comeclean. No time to shampoo? Fake it.

Vitamin Silk

11 February 2021

"Vitamin silk is legit a must have for me Its a detangler... protectant and vitamin for your hair. I use it on everyone. Its a 3 in one.....good for everyone....leaves my hair sooooo soft" -Kara (Salon owner & Cosmetologist) 

ColourPop Lux liquid lipsticks

11 February 2021

"Love colour Pop liquid Lippies because they are long lasting and look smooth as butter on your lips!" - Shawna Koeper


11 February 2021

"They are pretty simple to apply! And are literally the best lashes I've ever used, and trust me, I've tried everything! They are not a full strip, you apply sections at a time, which makes them easy to fit to your eye shape. And they last for days, rather than just a day. And they give the look of extensions, which I love!"- Shawna Koeper

Miracle Patch

11 February 2021

These little patches work so good first sign of a pimple!! I was skeptical until I tried it and it was almost gone the next morning. Put on area....leave over night and remove next morning draws it out over night! -Kara White