Kayla Rutherford

Hi, Howdy, Hello...

I'm Kayla, Kayla Marie Rutherford (Formerly Smith) Tell me that's not quite the name change. 

I am the Rebel, the caring person that would do anything for someone else, and also the person who could care less what someone thinks of me. I am me, It's taken me a LONG time to get comfortable with who I am, 26 years actually... I only recently, in the past year started finding myself again. As crazy as it sounds Makeup is how I did it.  I was the Self Proclaimed makeup Hater. I had tried everything in the book (at least I thought) and nothing loved me (the feeling was mutual). I obsessed over the beautiful girls I'd see in town, out of town... and at family gatherings to the point I'd be upset and crying before we left because I just didn't feel good enough. I didn't want to embarrass my husband for him to be seen with me. 

He never was (he says) but I've learned that wasn't him, that was me

I didn't like me

I didn't like how I looked and I had ZERO confidence. 

I'll spare you the details of my life growing up and going to public school, It's not pretty but I wouldn't trade it for a thing. It shaped who I am today, and I am Damn proud of me. I've overcome so many obstacles mostly set out by my own mindset and I am a better person for it. I realized I don't have to wait to do something for someone else. I can do it for me. 

So, Sugar Beauty was born. I am SO SO passionate about beauty now, not for the notoriety but because of the confidence it gave me. Not the mask... but the ability to openly and freely express who I am on the inside.

I am spunky, wild, bright, fun, sassy and the rebel. I will try anything once. I'm the class clown and I aim to please... sometimes a bit too much and I lose myself again, but only for a moment. My Style is constantly changing. Not because I conform but because I've learned to find beauty in all things. Art, Design, Music, Makeup... are all passions of mine that I feel deeply about. 

My makeup style is neutral most days. I'm a wife and mom and I run a business Solo. Time isn't on my side. BUT on days that I am able to give myself that ME time..... UNASHAMED me time... like we all sometimes deserve and need I prefer to go out of the box. 

BRIGHT & BOLD statement looks. 

You see them you won't forget them looks.

Looks that inspire. 

That's me. Halloween makeup is my Jam and fun out of the box things, taking my time and turning my face into a piece of art. Even if its just a Glam Fire Look.

But... most days you will find me, sweatpants, mom bun, glasses and yesterdays makeup living my best life and looking bomb as hell doing it.

That's Me


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