Shawna Koeper


Helllllloooo! I'm Shawna! I'm a mama of 4 super awesome kiddos, 5 if you include my dude. We've been together for 11 years and in all honesty, I'm probably more his 5th kid than he is mine. I'm a workaholic, I LOVE coffee, and I am a total Women Empowerment Enthusiast. I love all things that help women feel more confident and comfortable in her own skin, BECAUSE it's something I've struggled with. Once I became a Mother, I totally lost sight of the fact that I'm still a person in my own self. Not just a Mother. I didn't do things for myself or take care of myself & if I tried to I felt guilty. It took me a little bit, but I've found a few things that allow me to take care of my self guilt free, because I'm not taking time away from my children. And it's a pretty amazing thing when you find that you can be you & be a mom at the same time. At home I tend to love simple clean lines and plain things.. but makeup is a way to express a side of you that you may not usually show. I may not always be bold and vibrant but I def know how to make a statement with some Glammed up looks! Between empowering woman and sharing guilt free self care, I seem to have found my niche and what I am passionate about.. from simple to statement. If someone can take neutral and turn it glam its This girl ❤

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